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Start here to watch the introductory videos and to download the client questionnaire.

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View recordings of our past webinars and practice creating projections.

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What's New?

The latest product updates and historical release notes.

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Definitions and Assumptions

Learn more about cash flow management.

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Scenario Settings

Learn about default settings and how to make updates.

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Income (including Gov't Benefits)

Include various income sources and taxable benefits in your projections.

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Assets and Debts

Learn how to enter various assets, and use debt i.e. mortgages, lines of credit

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Contributions and Withdrawals

Automatic savings/withdrawals and how to make changes with settings & overrides.

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Working with Scenarios

Learn how to run a sustainable scenario and modify your projections.

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Client Reports

Learn how to create client reports from your projections.

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Corporations and Businesses

Learn how to integrate corporations into the personal projections of your clients.

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Running life insurance needs analyses and entering insurance in your projections.

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Additional Features

Including Recommendations, Charitable Giving, Education (RESPs), Stress Testing.

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General FAQs

Top searched articles, common questions, and general tips.

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Account Management

Subscription type, billing, and password management.

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