(WEBINAR) 🔍 Checklists and the planning process (Sept 15, 2021)

In this session, we share a checklist developed through our Paraplanning Service to help you review your plans for accuracy and robustness (as desired). We’ll also highlight a few recent updates that make creating your projections even easier.

Please click this link to view the recording. Simply enter your name and email address and the recording will be made available to you immediately. 

This session's training topics include:

  • how to use our new Plan Review Checklist on your plans
  • the options that are available with Snap Projections for additional planning support
  • recent improvements to the software including the retirement age checklist and updated corporate functionality

Please note that the UI design of Snap Projections was updated after this video was recorded. The main functionality remains unchanged, but the navigation to various settings pages and the  Planning page has been changed. Instead of using the Settings button, please use Scenario Setup at the top left of the screen. You can now access the Planning page for each entity by clicking the button for that entity in the 3rd navigation level and selecting Planning pages just above it in the 2nd navigation level.

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