(INTERVIEW) An Exclusive Interview with Financial Advisor Renee Hawk (December 2021)

We are happy to present this recorded interview with Financial Advisor Renee Hawk. In this interview, Renee tells us how she is leveraging financial planning software to increase her referrals, earn new income from existing clients, save time, and have better conversations with her clients.

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The following topics are covered:

Introduction [0:00 - 13:00]

  • The top 6 financial planning questions your clients need answers to.
  • How does Renee discover her client's goals and show them any potential pitfalls?
  • How did Renee move into providing financial advice?
  • How has the pandemic affected her business?

Renee's Process with her clients [13:00 - 58:00]

  • Creating a plan with the client and keeping them involved in the process.
  • Gaining referrals (each client has she has used Snap Projections with has referred at least 1 quality client, but most have referred 2 to 4).
  • Providing various scenario options and increasing client engagement.
  • How to earn more income from clients? 
  • What typical age group does Renee work with? 
  • Using Snap Projections to help with compliance regulations.
  • Showing clients where their plan might go off track and what they can do about it (illness, job loss, disability, or death).
  • Renee's tips for new advisors joining the industry.

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