(INTERVIEW) Advisor Interview Series: Curious what other planners are doing? (July 2022)

In this two-part series, we interviewed two Financial Advisors to find out how they’re approaching financial planning during a time that’s unlike any other in history.

With your clients worried about inflation, volatile markets, and reductions in purchasing power, what can be done to help them through these difficult planning periods? How can you discuss and model inflation, the sequence of returns risk, and help to ensure their plans can survive the unknown?

In these exclusive sessions, Financial Advisors Mark Quirk and Connor Mathers explained their process, provided a demonstration of how they are utilizing Snap to facilitate these important conversations with their clients, and answered attendee questions. They discussed:

  • How they are approaching financial planning during periods of high inflation and market volatility.
  • How their process works and what they are doing differently now.
  • How they use Snap to educate, model strategies, and help their clients … with live case study demonstrations included!

Click here to watch our first session, recorded on July 19, 2022

with Mark Quirk, BCom, CFP, CIM.,  Investment Advisor with Worldsource Securities.

Click here to watch our second session, recorded on July 26, 2022 

with Connor Mathers, BSc Fin. Econ., Financial Planner with CI Assante Wealth Management. 

Please note that these interviews are not training sessions on the Snap Projections software, but rather high-level introductory sessions meant primarily for non-Snap users. However, we wanted to share the information with our clients as well, who we know will likely also be interested to hear other planners' insights and best practices for effective client communication and tackling the hard topics of the day such as inflation and sequence of returns risk.

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