(WEBINAR) 🧰 Get the most from Snap's new tools (September 14, 2022)

We’ve added a few new features and made existing tools more accessible over the last year. This webinar will make sure you’re aware of all of the great capabilities available in Snap and how you can best use them for your planning needs.

Please click here to view the recording. Simply enter your name and email address and the recording will be made available to you immediately. 

Using a few sample plans, we demonstrate new and existing tools including:

  • Capital Assets (e.g., Employer Matching Contributions, LIRA Unlocking, RRIF Conversion)
  • Recommendations (e.g., Required Savings, Sustainable Spending).
  • Stress Testing (e.g., Historical Returns, Randomized Sequences).
  • Income Taxes (e.g., Deductions, Tax Credits).
  • Corporations (e.g., Debt, Real Assets, Capital Dividends).

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