(WEBINAR) ⛵ Help your clients get the most from their money in retirement (June 28, 2023)

Helping your clients confidently prepare for and live throughout retirement is an excellent way to strengthen your relationships and provide value. This can be done by providing your clients with a decumulation strategy that outlines the steps they'll take, and the benefits achieved. In this webinar, we'll show ways that you can present decumulation strategies in Snap to help your clients get the most from their money.

Watch the 1 hour recording of this webinar which covers:

  • The results of our pre-webinar survey about the ways you're currently working with your clients around decumulation.
  • Research and resources from the FP Canada Research Foundation.
  • Modelling decumulation strategies related to government benefits, withdrawals from capital assets, use of home equity, and more.

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