How to Export Projections

You can export individual scenarios to Excel in addition to saving each Client Report as a PDF. There is no bulk export functionality at this time. Within Excel, you can manipulate the spreadsheet and print out what you would like in your own format. 


Exporting the Planning pages

Click the Export button at the top right of the Planning page (Individual, Combined, or Corporate).

In the exported Excel spreadsheet, there is a sheet for the Planning page of each spouse individually, combined, and for each corporation. 

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Exporting the Scenario Setup inputs

This export lists all input parameters on the same page.

To export the Input Parameters, click the Export button on any of the Scenario Setup pages.

Here is an example of the first few sections of the Inputs Excel sheet.

This export can be helpful to compare input parameters between 2 scenarios or it can be used to re-create the same scenario in the future.

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