How to Export Projections

You can export individual scenarios in two ways. There is no bulk export functionality in Snap at this time.

Option 1: Export to Excel

From the Client, Spouse, and Combined pages you have the option to export the projections to Excel.  Within Excel, you can manipulate the spreadsheet and print out what you would like in your own format.  You can also see all input parameters for the projections.

Click the Export button at the top right of the Planning page.

In the exported Excel Spreadsheet, you will see multiple sheets have been exported.  One for each spouse, one for the combined page, and one for each corporation if applicable.  There is also a sheet that includes all input parameters for the scenario.  This will allow you to re-create the same scenario in the future if desired.

Here is an example of the first few sections of the Input Parameters sheet.

Option 2: Save Client Reports as a PDF

You can also save a report in PDF format.

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