What is the Referral Program at Snap?

At Snap we greatly appreciate it when you help us grow our business by referring friends and colleagues.

Each referral helps us keep our subscription costs low and further improve the product for you.

To thank you for your referrals, we have set up the following Referral Program:

  • You will receive a credit of one month's payment to your existing subscription, once the person you refer becomes a client of Snap Projections, processed on your next billing cycle.
  • The person you refer will receive a full 30-day trial (1 Free Month), instead of a regular 14-day trial.

Referral Program Steps

Referring someone to Snap is as simple as letting them know about us.

Or to make it very easy for you, you can just follow these steps:

1. Click your initials in the top right corner and then select Get Free Months!

2. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the sample text to your email message to your friend.

3. Open your email, click Paste and send an email to your friend.

4. Send us an email at [email protected] to let us know who you have referred to us.

5. Track your referral credits under Billing Settings. You can click here to go directly to your Billing page.

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