(WEBINAR) 📑 Presenting Snap Projections to your clients (October 25, 2023)

Two of the questions that we hear frequently on our Customer Success team are “What is the best way to present the projections to my clients?” and “How are other advisors presenting the reports?”

Please click this link to view the recording. Simply enter your name and email address and the recording will be made available to you immediately. 

This session’s training topics include:

  • a brief summary of the pre-webinar survey results on how planners are presenting Snap Projections [3:00 - 5:05]
  • a walkthrough on how to present the projections using the Planning Page [7:20 - 26:20]
    • a review of the charts [17:15 - 20:05]
    • using Automated Recommendations [22:30 - 25:10]
  • presenting the projections using the Client Report [26:30 - 53:20]

You can view sample reports here.

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