Snap Projections Toolkit (Questionnaires, Checklists, Sample Reports, etc.)

Welcome to the Snap Projections Toolkit! Included are templates and other resources to help you effectively gather client information, promote financial planning to your clients, and use Snap Projections successfully.


Financial Planning Questionnaires

The Financial Planning Questionnaire template is designed to help you gather personal and financial data from your clients in the format required to enter it into Snap Projections.

Note: The Short Questionnaire does not include the Corporate information section. The Long Questionnaire does include the Corporate information section; it also includes some additional sections that are not yet available in the software (i.e., disability and critical illness insurance). We do have workarounds for entering some of this information, so please reach out to us if you would like some help!

The Financial Planning Questionnaires are provided as Microsoft Word documents that you can modify. Feel free to add your logo, change the wording, and customize them to your own needs.



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New Financial Plan Checklist

The New Financial Plan Checklist is intended to help you follow some basic first steps when setting up a new scenario for your clients. Just like an auto mechanic may follow a checklist while inspecting cars, you might find this checklist useful so you don’t forget to review any inputs and possible optimizations while creating scenarios!

The New Financial Plan Checklist is provided as a Microsoft Word document that you can modify. Feel free to add your logo, change the wording, and customize it to your own needs.

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Sample Reports

Snap Projections was designed to help you rapidly create and modify financial plans with a very intuitive and collaborative interface where you can show your clients their whole life on one page. This is terrific in a meeting setting, but if you want to create a handout for your clients we have the option to create customized reports. Here are a couple of examples of client reports created using Snap Projections. You have full flexibility over which sections to include in your report; we have created a short and a long example for reference. 


Download the Short Sample Plan - EN (PDF Document)

Download the Long Sample Plan - EN (PDF Document)


Download the Short Sample Plan - FR (PDF Document)

Download the Long Sample Plan - FR (PDF Document)

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The Value of Planning One-Pager

This one-page promotional piece highlights why your clients and prospects should work with you to create a financial plan.

The Value of Planning One-Pager is a Microsoft Word document that you can modify. Feel free to add your logo, change the wording, and customize it to your own needs. We have also provided Snap Projections branded PDF version if you want to print something off quickly!

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Completed Financial Plan Review Checklist

Snap Projections allows you to create quick and efficient financial plans to help answer your client's questions. In some cases, you may want to expand on the basic settings and assumptions in Snap Projections to further refine your plan. This checklist was developed through conversations with Snap users to help you review your plans and to provide optional prompts for consideration.

The full checklist is available through the following article: Plan Review Checklist.

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Learn more from the Snap Projections blog

The Snap Projections blog provides financial planning tips and resources. Here are a few sample posts.

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The Financial Advisor's Marketing Guide

This Digital Marketing Guide was designed for Canadian Financial Advisors, Planners, and Investment Managers who want to grow their firms by building an online presence.

It was created to provide Financial Advisors & Planners with the foundational knowledge needed to build an online presence, create and share valuable content, and engage with prospects and clients through email marketing.

The goal of this guide is to provide independent Advisors and Planners with the actionable steps to:

  1. Identify goals and target audience
  2. Start creating content
  3. Grow and nurture an email list
  4. Create an online presence
  5. Attract and convert ideal prospects with valuable content

Highlights and most actionable items include:

  • How to create your unique value proposition and your first Buyer Persona, worksheet included! (Chapter 2)
  • How to create quality content that your prospects and clients will want and value, including content topic ideas. (Chapter 4)
  • How to get started with email marketing, blogging, and creating lead magnets to grow your email list. (also Chapter 4!)

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