Team Administrators - Access and Controls

The Team Administrator has additional access and controls to change team settings. 

They can review and edit all team members' client profiles and manage sharing for all client profiles on behalf of their team members.  The Administrator is also able to make changes to User, Organization, and Billing settings.  

In this article:

  1. Changing the Default View
  2. Transfer profiles between team members
  3. Organization and Team Member Settings
  4. Billing Settings

Changing the Default View

As the Organization Administrator, you will see a drop-down list to enable you to view your own scenarios (the Default View) or view a list of client profiles created by each member of your organization individually.

Selecting User Three from the dropdown list, for example, will change your view to all Clients created by/owned by User Three. Note that you will not be able to see the clients in this list that are shared with User Three, only the clients that User Three owns. You can select the name of any client to open and edit their projections, or you can select the Sharing icon to share client profiles created by User Three with other members of the team. A shared client profile can be edited by all team members that it is shared with and each user will see the updates immediately.

If desired, you can save sharing settings for all future or existing clients created by User Three by selecting the drop-down arrow beside the Save button as shown below.  

If you select the  New Client Scenario button from any view, the new scenario will be displayed as part of your own Default View and you will be the owner of that new client scenario. 


Transfer profiles between team members

If a team member no longer needs access to a client profile, but another user does, you can transfer its ownership. Under the Actions column, you have the option to Move (blue arrow) or Copy (green arrow) a client profile. 

Move a Client Scenario from one team member to another (blue arrow)

Selecting the blue arrow opens a page to Move Clients. Here you can select the team member to move the client profile to. This team member will be the new owner of the client profile and it will remain shared with all of the team members previously selected for sharing. 

You can move multiple client profiles or select all profiles to move at the same time. Once the User and Profiles are selected, click the Move button to complete the process. 

Copy a Client Scenario from one team member to another (green arrow)

Another method to transfer a client profile is to copy it. Selecting the green arrow opens a page to Copy Clients. Copying will create a second instance of this client profile, and the copied version will not be connected to the original. All sharing settings will be removed from the copied version.

Note: Use the copy functionality with caution. A copied client profile will only be the same for one moment in time. Going forward, each user can make changes to their own version that will not be reflected in the other copy. It will be difficult to know which version is the most accurate going forward. To maintain consistency, sharing client profiles would be the better option because in that case, updates made by one user are visible to the other user. Copying can be useful for test clients or sample clients that you wish to share with all team members. 

Unlike moving client profiles, you can only copy one client profile at a time. Once the User and Profiles are selected, click the Copy button to complete the process. 


Organization and Team Member Settings

The Team Administrator can access and make changes to the Organization Settings and Billing Settings. You can view these settings by selecting your initials on the right-hand side of the black title bar. 

Organization Settings 

You can update the organization name in the General Section under Organization Settings.  The name entered here will be the name displayed at the top left of the application.  If it is left blank, Snap Projections will be displayed at the top left of the black title bar. 

Edit the name and then click the Save button at the bottom of the page. The Organization Name change will be applied to all the team members' accounts. 

You can also make changes to the team members' individual accounts by selecting their username in the Users table. Under Profile, you can edit the first and last name of the user and under Billing you can activate or deactivate add-on features for them. ( If you wish to make changes to add-on activations for the entire team, please use the Billing Settings section on your main Organization Settings page as shown below. )

The Security section allows you to update this team member's email address and password, and enforce Two-Step Verification by email. These changes are only applied to that specific user. If a user has left your organization and you wish to prevent their access to the application, you can immediately change their Security information and call us at 1-888-758-7977 Option 2 to remove their account. 


Billing Settings

Under Organization Settings --> Billing Settings, you can access information about your next credit card payment details and you can update your credit card by selecting Update.

To change your team's plan from a monthly to an annual subscription, you can select the new plan from the drop-down menu. Note that team sharing is only available with the Advisor Business Subscription.

To activate or deactivate add-on features such as Stress Testing for your entire team, select the Activate or Deactivate button.

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