Sharing Projections with Team Members

The team functionality allows you to share your client projections with your team members making it more efficient to work as a team. 

Please note that this feature is  only available for the Advisor Business plan and all team members must be on this plan. The billing for all team members must be through a single contact and credit card. 

A team administrator will be designated for each team.  The administrator will have access to all plans created by individual team members.  Each team member can choose which client profiles they wish to share with other individuals or with the entire team. 

NOTE: Usernames can only be used by one person at a time. If someone logs in with the same email address as another person using Snap Projections, the first person who logged in will be automatically logged out. This is to further protect your data integrity and introduce additional security measures around data access.

In this article:

  1. How does Sharing work for Team Members?
    1. Sharing icons
    2. How to share a client profile
    3. How to revoke access
    4. Client profiles that have been shared with you
    5. The last edited column
  2. How does Sharing work for Team Administrators?

How does Sharing work for Team Members?

As a team member, you will see a Sharing column on the Clients page that indicates which projections have been shared with you, and which ones you have shared with others.

a. Sharing Icons

All icons are clickable. You can click on the icon to change the sharing settings for the client profile that you have created.  Click the info icon outlined in pink (indicated above) to see more information about the client profiles that have been shared with you.

         b. How to share client profiles

You can share any client profiles with your team members as long as you created them. You do not have the ability to share client profiles that you didn't create. Either the owner of the client profile or the Team Administrator can share the client profile with all the team members.

To share a client profile, click the icon in the Sharing column, select the appropriate checkbox(es), and click Save. You are able to share a client profile and all of its scenarios with individual users or with all users on your team (i.e. within your Organization). 

When you click on the drop-down of the Save button, you can also select the option to Save for all future clients that you create. This option will automatically share all the new client profiles created by you in the future to the team members you have selected here. Another option is to Save for all current clients, this option shares all existing client profiles with the team members you have selected. Please note that this action will overwrite the existing sharing settings for all of your clients, and only by individually updating each client can you reverse it.

c. How to Revoke Access

If you wish to revoke access to your projections, you can do so at any time. Click the Sharing icon beside that client portfolio and de-select the appropriate checkbox(es) to revoke access for those team members.  Click Save, or select the drop-down choice to save these settings for all clients.

d. Client profiles that have been shared with you

Shared scenarios are only permitted to be deleted by the person who originally created the scenario or the team administrator.  Therefore, the delete icon is not visible when a scenario has been shared with you. This prevents accidental deletion of the scenarios for all team members.  

You can remove your access to a shared client profile if it has been shared with you individually, and not shared with your entire organization. Click the info icon for this client profile and then Remove it from my account

If the client profile had been shared with your entire organization and you no longer want to see this client in your Clients list, the Remove from my account button will not work for this profile. For this type of client profile, you will need to ask the person who shared it with you or the team administrator to revoke your shared access.

e. The last edited column

All edits are tracked individually so if someone else on your team has edited your shared client profile, you'll be able to see who modified it last by reviewing the Last Edited column.  If you were the last person to edit the projections for a client profile that you created and then shared, there will be no name displayed in the Last Edited column.  If you were the last person to edit the projections for a client profile that was shared with you, the Last Edited column will display (me) as the last editor.

The Last Edited column does not show a user's name if the creator of the client profile was the last user to make edits.


How does Sharing work for Team Administrators?

Team Administrators have additional functionality to manage the shared client profiles between team members. By switching their Default View to a view of one of their team members on the Clients list, they can share clients on behalf of this team member.  The sharing functionality works the same as above by clicking the Sharing icon and selecting which team members to share client profiles with.

For more details, please refer to this article: Team Administrators - Access and Controls.

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