(WEBINAR) đź’¸ Base Expenses and Additional Expenses (May 1, 2024)

In this 45-min webinar, we guided you through the process of adding expenses to your projections.

  • We reviewed John Snapper â€” a sample client added to all new users of Snap [05:20].
  • We discussed how to enter Base Expenses, what to include in this amount and what to exclude. [08:00].
  • We reviewed in detail how to enter Additional Expenses:
    • One-time future expenses [25:50].
    • Recurring expenses [27:00].
  • We reviewed these additional expenses on the Planning Page [30:15] and how they affected the client's projections.
    • As a special note, we showed how this additional expense looks like pre-automatic CFM [32:40] and discussed the additional steps needed to cover the expense.
  • We looked through the Client Report and Charts and discussed how to highlight additional expenses there [35:55].
  • In a different scenario with a spouse, we looked at how Scenario Setup -> Expenses page changes to allow for Combined Expenses and also advanced options available [38:25].
    • We also briefly discussed how to prorate the first or last year of an additional expense [44:50]

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