Copying Scenarios

Once you have a baseline scenario in place, you may wish to make a few changes and compare the results. Copying a scenario allows you to make changes to a new version and keep the original as it is.  Any changes that you make on the copied version do not affect the original.  Therefore, if you have made multiple copies and want to update a certain setting for each, you will need to do this individually in each scenario. 

To copy a scenario, click the hamburger menu in the top navigation level and select Copy Scenario. This will effectively copy a scenario with all its existing data (income, assets, debt, etc.) so you can make further changes to it.

Once you have selected Copy Scenario, you will be taken to the copied version. This is evident by the name change of the scenario to the original name with (copy) afterward. You can change the name of the copied scenario by clicking the name and editing it. 

To switch between scenarios, simply click the hamburger menu again and select Switch Scenario. You can also easily compare two (or more) scenarios with each other. 

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