Comparing Scenarios

If you create more than one scenario for the same client (creating the new one from scratch or by using the Copy Scenario feature), you can easily compare them with each other.

This can be very useful as you can immediately see if the changes you made to the current scenario result in a better overall situation for your client (reflected in the Capital and Estate section) as compared with other scenarios, without switching to another scenario.

To compare the current scenario you are working on with another one, open the Capital and Estate/Estate Summary details page from the Planning page.  To do this, either click the blue icon at the top of the Estate Before Tax column to compare the final year of the projections or click any given year's value of the Estate Before Tax to compare values for that year.

After opening the Estate Summary page, scroll to the bottom and select Compare with Other Scenarios (which will be visible only if there are other scenarios to compare with).

This will open the Capital and Estate section for other scenarios as well, and you can determine which scenario results in a better overall situation for your client. Here, we can compare 2 scenarios for the couple. A baseline scenario (current) and a scenario where they retire earlier. You can compare as many scenarios as you create.

Note: You can only compare scenarios for the same client, with the same birth dates and the projections run for the same number of years. If your projections start or end in different years, they will not be comparable. You can also only compare "single" scenarios to other "single" scenarios, and "couple" scenarios to other "couple" scenarios.

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