Does Snap Projections have a budget sheet to itemize Base Expenses?

For a variety of reasons, we find that it can be ineffective to add up all of your client's expenses and then try to match this to the Base Expenses amount.  Instead, we focus on what your clients are saving.  If they aren't saving anything, they are spending all of their after-tax cash.

If your clients want to work on a budget, we recommend they sign up for a free program like, which will tell them where their money is going.  The Government of Canada also has a helpful budget calculator tool.

You can use Snap Projections to find out the overall amount your clients spend each year in after-tax cash. Delay automatic cash-flow management by selecting a future year for the CFM Start Age. Enter any annual savings contributions to each applicable account.  

The Base Expenses column displays the remaining cash available after these contributions are made, taxes are paid, and any other expenses entered into the projections are paid (such as insurance premiums and mortgage payments). This entire after-tax spending amount is assumed to be spent.  

The client's current cash flow can be used as a basis for their future needs.  You can enter the same Base Expenses amount at retirement and allow it to automatically increase with inflation, as shown in the Base Expenses (nominal dollars) column, or enter a different spending amount depending on your client's retirement goals.  If there are any one-time, or additional expenses such as travel expenses, vehicle purchases, renovations, etc., they can be entered directly into the projections as Additional Expenses.  

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