Integrations with other applications

Snap Projections can communicate with other applications and this integration can be useful if you want to import or export your client information to or from another application. With an activated integration, Snap Projections will be granted limited access to your account in this application and the integration can be deactivated at any time.


What are integrations?

Snap Projections can communicate with another application and do various actions depending on the integration. Most integrations will likely be focused on imports and/or exports of data.  The first step is to activate the integration with the other application. 


How to activate and deactivate an integration.

To activate or deactivate a 3rd party application integration, click Integration Settings from the dropdown menu under your initials on the Snap Projections toolbar. 

On the Integration Settings page, select Activate beside the application for which you would like to activate the integration. 

More details about each specific integration can be viewed by clicking the About this Integration link in the table. 

To deactivate an integration, select Deactivate beside the appropriate Application.

On the appropriate About this integration page, you will find more details on also deactivating the integration in the 3rd party application. Since integration is like a link, you can break the integration on one end or the other end or on both ends.

Once you have deactivated the integration you will no longer be able to import or refresh client data from this application. Any client projections which you have already created for imported clients will remain in your Snap Projections  Clients list.  You can reactivate your integration and continue updating imported Client scenarios at a later date. 

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Where to learn about specific integrations.

Visit these pages to learn more about integration details for each application.

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