OneBoss Integration

Snap Projections can communicate with the OneBoss application to import certain client data from OneBoss and start a client projection for you automatically. 


How to activate and deactivate the integration with OneBoss

Activations and deactivations are controlled under the Integration Settings page. To access this page, click Integration Settings from the dropdown menu under your initials on the Snap Projections toolbar. 


On the Integrations page, select Activate beside the appropriate application.

You will be prompted to log in to OneBoss. Enter your username and password and click Login. This username and password is only provided to OneBoss and Snap Projections has no access to this information.  Snap Projections will be granted read-only access only and it will not be able to write or change any of the information in OneBoss. 


Your activation will be valid for 1 year and then will expire. After expiration, you will be prompted to activate the integration again.

In this case, go to the Integrations page, select Deactivate beside the appropriate application and then Activate again.


If you choose to deactivate the integration, on the Integrations Settings page, select Deactivate beside the appropriate Application.

You should also deactivate the integration in your OneBoss account. 

Log in to OneBoss. Under the Resources tab, view the section for OneBoss access granted to Third Party Applications. Find Snap Projections and select Revoke.

Once you have deactivated the integration you will no longer be able to import or refresh client data from OneBoss. Any client projections which you have already created for OneBoss clients will remain in your Snap Projections Clients list. 

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From your Snap Projections Clients List, select the dropdown arrow beside the New Client Scenario button and select Import from OneBoss. Note that the results displayed for your OneBoss clients will depend on whether you have selected Show all Clients at the top of the Snap Projections Clients list and have empty search fields, or if you are searching for a specific client's first or last name.  If you have many clients in OneBoss, the search functionality is very helpful to find your client quickly. 

Use the tooltip for more information (click the ? icon in the column title). Here, you can see that spouses are listed according to the details found in OneBoss, but if the spouse is not your client as well, no data will be imported to Snap Projections for the spouse.

The OneBoss client search details include:

  • the search finds clients by first and/or last name
  • an empty search field for first or last name means any name
  • the search excludes all non-individual client types (for example corporations, governments, associations, trusts, etc.)
  • the search excludes all non-active clients (for example prospects)
  • the search results will be listed on one page (there is no pagination due to the limitations of OneBoss)
    • If the OneBoss Clients page takes too long to load, disable the Show all Clients checkbox and search by name instead
    • Note that the Show all Clients checkbox is shared with the Snap Projections Clients list

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How to import data from OneBoss 

To import the client data, select the green arrow under Actions.

Click the green Import button on the pop-up window.

This will create a new client profile and scenario under your Snap Projections Clients list containing the imported data. Each time you click the green arrow on the OneBoss Clients page for a particular client, you will create a brand new client profile and projection for this client in Snap Projections.  The circular arrow icon under Actions indicates that this client has been imported from OneBoss. If you want to refresh the data for an existing client's set of client projections instead of creating a brand new projection, please follow the refresh steps below, which involve clicking this icon.

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What data fields are imported into Snap Projections?

The following data from Active Clients in OneBoss are imported to Snap Projections. Note that it is not possible to import data from Prospects, Inactive Clients, or Corporations, from OneBoss at this time. 

  • Province
  • Client and Spouse (The Spouse is only imported to Snap if they are also your client in OneBoss.)
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
  • Assets (called plans in OneBoss)
    • Only active plans are imported (not closed plans, plans for prospects, etc.)
    • Descriptions
    • Market values (sum of funds, GICs, and cash)
    • The Adjusted Cost Base (ACB) for assets is not imported
    • Types of assets: (OneBoss  → Snap Projections)
      • Open plans → Non-Registered (may be jointly owned)
      • TFSA → TFSA
      • RESP → importing of this asset type is not supported yet
      • RDSP, DBPP, everything else → importing of these asset types is not supported yet
    • Asset Allocation is based on the client's Investment Objectives from the KYC in OneBoss
      • OneBoss Investment Objective → Snap Projections Asset Allocation 
        • Safety → Cash
        • Income + 1/2 of the percentage of Balanced  → Fixed Income
        • 1/2 of the percentage of Balanced + Growth + Speculation → Equity 
        • In the above example, 100% Growth is imported to Snap as 100% Equity
    • Rates of return are not imported from OneBoss
      • The default rates of return for your Snap Projections are used for the rates of return for Cash, Fixed Income, and Equity.

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How to refresh the imported data from the active OneBoss integration

On the Snap Projections Clients list, there is a refresh icon under the Actions column for any imported clients. Non-imported clients do not have this icon available. Click this icon to refresh the imported data.

All scenarios for this client will be overwritten with the imported data once refreshed.  A few examples include:

  • if you had previously changed the Description field for one of the assets for your imported client, after performing a refresh, the asset's Description will once again match the OneBoss plan name  
  • if you deleted one of the client's assets in Snap Projections and then refresh the client, that asset will be imported again  
  • if you deleted the spouse in the imported projections, this spouse will not be reimported upon a client refresh

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How the integration works with Shared Client Profiles

Snap Projections client profiles can be shared with other team members in your organization.  If a client profile has been created using the OneBoss integration and then shared with another Snap Projections user, the Refresh icon will be visible for both users; however, only the user with the active OneBoss integration will be able to refresh the data.  An error message will be generated upon trying to refresh the data if the user does not have the authority to access that client in OneBoss. 

If the user does not have an active OneBoss integration, the refresh icon will be greyed out, as displayed below for the 2nd client. This indicates that the 2nd client was initially imported to Snap Projections by the user who shared this scenario. 

The info icon under Sharing indicates a scenario that has been shared by another user.

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