Financial Planning Questionnaire

The Financial Planning Questionnaire template is designed to help you gather personal and financial data from your clients in the format required to enter it into Snap Projections.

Note: The Short Questionnaire does not include the Corporate information section. The Long Questionnaire does include the Corporate information section; it also includes some additional sections that are not yet available in the software (i.e., disability and critical illness insurance). We do have workarounds for entering some of this information, so please reach out to us if you would like some help!

The Financial Planning Questionnaires are provided as Microsoft Word documents that you can modify. Feel free to add your logo, change the wording, and customize them to your own needs.



Additional Resources:

  • Please see our Snap Projections Toolkit for additional resources to help you gather client information, promote financial planning to your clients, and use Snap Projections successfully!

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