Clearing Overrides

An overridden contribution or withdrawal is evident by the yellow background of the cell and the small "x" in the cell.  In the example below, a manual contribution override of $10,000 is made to the RRSP for the first 4 years.  

There are two ways to remove the overridden values of contributions or withdrawals:

  1. Remove an individual override
  2. Remove multiple overrides simultaneously

Remove an individual override

1. Click the "x" on the right side of the cell of the overridden value.  Run the scenario.

2. This will remove the override in this one year and any automatic contributions or withdrawals will then be performed.  That cell will no longer be highlighted yellow.


Remove multiple overrides simultaneously

1. Click the overridden value in the Contribution column. This popup window will open.

2. Select the checkbox Clear override. (Note that when you select Clear override, the dollar amount entered in the text box is irrelevant. )
3. Select the checkbox Copy down until age and enter the age until which you wish to clear the overrides.
4. Select the blue checkmark.  
5. Run the scenario.

All of the overrides have been cleared. There is no longer any yellow background on any of the cells.

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