Editing Values on the Planning page

When you are on the Planning page, you can edit any blue or purple value.  To help you distinguish between positive and negative values on the screen,  negative numbers are displayed in purple font and positive numbers in blue font. 

If you click one of these values, a small popup window will appear.

Here you can enter a new value in the popup, copy it down until a desired age, and even index it at a specified percentage (just make sure the respective checkboxes are checked). To activate the entries, click the blue checkbox and run the scenario.

This allows you to make efficient changes to inputs such as the Base Expenses, Employment Income, and enter specific Contributions or Withdrawals.

Can't find editable values?

Most edits will be done on the Individual Planning pages, not the Combined Planning page. The exception is Expenses (Base and Additional) which are typically edited on the Combined Planning page.

If you don't see editable values in a certain section on the Planning page, try expanding the section using the right arrow icon in the Column Header.

Example: Enter annual savings in an account

On the Individual Planning page (not Combined), make sure the Capital Assets section is expanded by clicking the right arrow icon in the section header. Then click the blue value under the Contribution/Withdrawal column for the account you wish to enter savings for. Values that are changed in any Contribution/Withdrawal column will be highlighted in yellow to indicate that you have overridden the default value determined by Snap.  

Make sure to run the scenario to recalculate your changes.

Example #2: Edit the Base Expenses for a couple

You can edit Base Expenses in any year after the CFM Start Age. In this example, we'll reduce the couple's base expenses at age 75.

First, ensure the Expenses section on the Combined Planning page is expanded by clicking the right arrow icon in the column header. Then go to age 75 and click the Base Expenses value to open the pop-up window and enter a reduced amount, check the box to Copy down until age, and click the blue check mark. Lastly, run the scenario to update the calculations.

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