Old Age Security (OAS)

This article reviews the default settings for OAS benefits in your projections and how to make modifications.


  • Default OAS amount: Snap assumes your clients will receive the maximum OAS benefits as of the current year and indexed with inflation; however, this may not be the case for your particular scenario.   You can adjust the percentage of the maximum benefit as shown below. 
  • 2021 Budget OAS increase: For all years in the projection after 2022 in which the individual is greater than 75 years old by the end of the year, the OAS amount is increased by 10%.
  • OAS Age of Eligibility remains 65: There was a 2012 proposal to increase the age of eligibility for OAS from 65 to 67 through a phased approach starting in April 2023. This proposed change was cancelled in 2016. There is no current change to the OAS age of eligibility.

Accessing the Gov't Benefits page

Select Scenario Setup -> Gov’t Benefits to view the OAS information for the individual.  


Modify the Percent of Maximum (at age 65)

The Percent of Maximum (at age 65) indicates the percent of the current maximum amount as of January 2023 for this client.  Type in a new percentage, move the cursor away from this field with your mouse or press the Tab key. The Annual Pension will adjust automatically.

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OAS Start Age

The standard age to start the pension is 65, but you can choose to start it as late as age 70. If the OAS Start Age is higher than age 65, the client will receive a larger OAS benefit. By adjusting the start age, the OAS amount will be automatically updated in the Annual Pension box.  

In this example, we start OAS at age 70. After moving the cursor away from the OAS Start Age text box, the Annual Pension will be automatically increased.  

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Enter the known Annual OAS Benefit

If you know exactly how much your client receives in OAS benefits today, a useful option is to simply enter this amount.  The Percent of Maximum fields will be automatically updated.

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Inflation Rate for OAS

To index the OAS values for all years, you can specify the desired percentage in the Inflation Rate for OAS text box at the bottom. Note that the OAS values will be indexed at this inflation rate until the year that the OAS benefit is received and going forward.  The default inflation rate for OAS is 2.1%.

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To provide a partial year's benefit for OAS in the first year that it is received, please make sure the checkbox Prorate first year of OAS is checked. The first payment will be issued in the month following the client's birth month. See the checkbox indicated in the above screenshot.

The Increased OAS text indicates that your projections will consider the new rules introduced in the 2021 Budget that OAS will be increased by 10% after age 75.

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