Report Builder (page selection and order, custom pages, header settings, and print settings)

The Report Builder is the first area to visit when creating your Client Report.

Here, you can adjust print and header settings, and select and reorder the pages to include in your report.  Once you've adjusted everything, you can save your selections as your default settings for new projections.

To get started, you can select Client Report -> Report Builder.


Selecting and ordering pages to include in the Report

Before you start customizing the order of your report pages, you'll want to first ensure you've selected all of the pages that you wish to include.

Select Report Builder -> Included Pages.

By default, all items within the Gallery are crossed out, meaning that these items are already listed under Included Pages. If you wish to remove pages from the final report, you have a few options:

  • drag and drop items out of the Included Pages section to exclude them
  • select an item from Included Pages and press Delete to remove it from the report
  • select multiple pages by holding down Shift and drag and drop or delete more than 1 item at a time

To add pages back into the report from the Gallery, simply drag and drop them into the Included Pages section. You will only be able to select items that are not crossed out. Hovering over an item in the Gallery provides a short description of that page.

To reorder pages under Included Pages, drag and drop items to a new position in the list.

Make sure to save your updates using the Save button.

You can also choose to reset the Custom Order back to the original default settings using the Defaults button and then clicking Reset current page to original settings.

Update current page to saved settings will reset the Included Pages to your own saved settings.

Note that under Client Report -> Report Editor you will only see the pages that you have listed under the Report Builder under Included Pages, in the order you have listed them. Add more pages from the Gallery to the Included Pages to also see them in the Report Editor.

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Custom Pages

Multiple Custom Pages can be added to each Client Report. Click Add Custom Page and enter a Page Title for your additional pages.

Custom Pages are initially displayed under the Assumptions page in the Included Pages section. You can adjust where they appear by dragging and dropping them as described above. To add information to the Custom Page, go to the Report Editor.

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The default Header Settings include the Page number, the Prepared for, and Prepared by fields.  If you are comparing reports, you may wish also to include the Scenario name as shown in the example. 

This is the example header displayed in the report.  

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Print Settings

Default Print Settings are shown below.

Note: It is not required to print on the paper size that you have selected.  For example, you can select the legal paper size and continue to print on letter-sized paper.  The report will be shrunk to fit.

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Default Settings

The Default Settings feature at the bottom of the Included Pages, Header Settings, and Print Settings pages are used to apply your settings to new scenarios that you create.  Note that your scenarios may require different settings depending on various factors including the complexity of the projections.

Click Defaults and then Save current page settings for new scenarios

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Navigating to Report Editor

You can return to the Report Editor page by clicking the Report Editor button at the top, or by clicking Done at the bottom of the Print Settings page.

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