Report Settings (print settings, header, custom pages)

On the Report Settings page, you have the option to change the font size in the report, the paper size for printing, the margin width, and the paper orientation.  You can also customize the header for each page of the report and update the default settings to your own preferred settings.  

Select  Client Report -> Report Settings.

Print Settings

Default Print Settings are shown below.

Note: It is not required to print on the paper size that you have selected.  For example, you can select the legal paper size and continue to print on letter-sized paper.  The report will be shrunk to fit.  

Header Settings

The default Header Settings include the Page number, the Prepared for, and Prepared by fields.  If you are comparing reports, you may wish to also include the Scenario name as shown in the example. 

This is the example header displayed in the report.  

Custom Pages

Multiple  Custom Pages can be added to each report. Click Add Custom Page and enter a Page Title for your additional pages. Customize these pages in the Create Report view.

Custom Pages are included in the report after the Assumptions section.

Default Settings

The  Default Settings checkbox at the bottom of the page is used to apply your settings to new scenarios that you create.  Note that your scenarios may require different settings depending on various factors including the complexity of the projections.

Click Save to return back to the Report Editor page. 

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