Personalizing Reports - Branding & Logo


Customize the Report Cover Page

Select  Client Report -> Report Editor.

The settings that you can modify on this page include the Cover Page background picture, the Report Name, Report SubheadingPrepared for (client), and Prepared by.  You can also add a company logo to your report here. 

To display the report in French, click the French button at the top of the page.

The best practice is to keep the text in the Prepared for (client) and Prepared by sections short which will give a clean look throughout the whole report.  This information is carried through to the header of each page.  If you wish to include additional information such as addresses and phone numbers, please add this under the Notes to Reader section. 

Choose your Cover Page background photo by selecting a background from the options on the right-hand side of the page.

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On the Cover Page, click the Choose File blue button to select a file on your computer to upload. Only 1 logo can be uploaded to the Cover Page.

If your logo has a transparent background, you can select Allow transparency.

Without the Allow transparency selection, your logo would appear with a white background, as displayed here. 

Logo file requirements: When uploading your logo please keep in mind that the logo file must be smaller than 2 MB and be in the format of jpg, jpeg, png, or gif.  The logo's maximum height is restricted to 100 px, and a maximum width of 150 px on letter-sized paper.  This will increase proportionally based on the paper size. 

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Cover page defaults and sample Cover page

The updates that you make to the Cover Page will only apply to the current report unless you choose to save them as your default settings. To create a default Cover Page that can be used for all of your reports, click the Defaults button and select Save current page settings for new scenarios.

You can also use this Defaults button to reset the Cover Page to the original software settings or to reset the Cover Page to your own previously saved default settings.  This would be applicable if you are viewing a report for a scenario that was created in the past and you have since updated your default settings.  To change the Cover Page to your default cover page, select Update current page to saved settings.

*Sample branded cover page:

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