Search for Clients or Show all Clients

By default, all client names will be listed on the Clients page and sorted with the most recently edited client at the top.  You can sort the Clients list by other criteria by clicking on the column name. For example, to sort alphabetically by name you can click the first column heading, Clients.  If you click on it again, the clients will now be sorted in reverse alphabetical order.

For privacy reasons, you may wish to hide the client list and search for a client by name instead.

On the Clients page, you can check the box at the top to display the entire client list (or uncheck it to hide the client list).  

If you uncheck the Show all Clients box, you will see only the Search Box where you can search for the client/spouse by name.

Enter the first or last name of the client or spouse and click Search. The clients matching the name you entered will show up in the list.

The Default View menu allows team administrators to select one of their team member's accounts in order to view the client profiles that the user has created. 

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