Editing Original Scenario Details (Client Information, Province, Retirement Age, Inflation, and Rates of Return)

To change the original scenario details, you can access the Scenario Setup -> Client or Scenario Setup -> General pages.  

In this article:

  1. How to navigate to the Client Details page
  2. How to Edit the Client Details (Name, Date of Birth, Province)
  3. How to Edit the General Scenario Settings (Projection years, Retirement Age, Inflation, and Default Rates of Return)

There are 2 options to get to this page: from the Planning page, or from the Clients List.

Option 1: From the Planning page

Click  Scenario Setup -> Client.

Option 2: From the Clients List

When you first log in to Snap Projections, you will see the Clients List.  Note that you can display all clients by checking the box at the top right to Show all Clients.  Click the pencil icon to the right of the client you wish to edit. To delete one of your own clients, click the trash can icon.

If you have multiple scenarios for this client, the Select Scenario page will appear. Click the pencil icon beside the scenario you wish to edit.

After completing the steps in Option 1 or 2 above, you will be on the Client page.

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How to Edit the Original Scenario Client Details (Name, Date of Birth, Province)

Once you have arrived at the Client page, as detailed above, you can edit the client's name, date of birth, province of residence, and add or delete a spouse from this screen.

WARNING: If you edit the client's date of birth, this will reset your scenario.  The after-tax spending amounts will be reset to $0 and any contribution and withdrawal overrides that you previously entered on the Planning page will be cleared.  It is a good idea to copy the scenario first, before making any changes to the date of birth, so you can refer back to your original scenario to make the required updates. 

Once you have made your changes and clicked away from the entry, your changes will be automatically saved. Note the Saved indication at the bottom of the page.  Select Planning Pages in the 2nd level navigation level at the top left to return to the Planning page.   

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How to Edit the General Scenario Details (Projection years, Retirement Age, Inflation, and Default Rates of Return)

Select  Scenario Setup -> General.

Here, you can edit the retirement age, the start and end dates of the projections, inflation parameters, and rates of return for capital assets.

If you select Defaults you can save your settings for any NEW scenarios that you create. New scenarios will automatically use the settings you have saved here for Inflation and Rates of Return.

You also have the option to download Projection Assumption Guidelines.

Changing the Rates of Return will update the default rates for any NEW capital assets added in this scenario, but any previously added capital assets will have the original Rates of Return. These rates can be changed on the Assets page, or on the Planning page.

Note: If you change the client's name or other information in one scenario, this will not automatically update the information in all other scenarios for this client. You are required to edit each scenario individually.

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