How to Change the End Date of Projections

The default setting for the end date of your client's projections is age 100.  If you have also added a spouse in the projections, the default age to end the spouse's projections is the age they are when the client is age 100.  You easily change this default setting for each spouse, either during the initial scenario setup or later on. 

Select Scenario Setup -> General. 

Enter the desired age in the text box beside Show projection until age.

Note: Please make sure to make any required updates on the Planning page for the After-Tax Spending values after changing the end date of the projections.  If you have extended the projection length, a value of $0 for After-Tax Spending will be populated for these extra years until you update it.  If you have shortened the projections for one spouse, the After-Tax Spending for the other spouse may be lower than you expect in the years where the first spouse's projections have already ended. 

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