(VIDEO TUTORIAL) Getting Started with Snap Projections

Are you just getting started with Snap Projections?  This one-hour tutorial is geared toward helping you get up to speed quickly and you can access it for free on YouTube (no CE credit), or for $25 on Learnedly.com (provides 1 CE Credit). 

Tutorial outline:

  1. Introducing the Top 6 Retirement Income Planning Questions (1:57 min)
  2. Entering Initial Data (6:50 min)
  3. The Planning Page (3:57 min)
  4. Cash Flow Management (6:51 min)
  5. Comparing Multiple Scenarios (6:09 min)
  6. Interactive Presentations and Beautiful Reports (5:05 min)
  7. Projections with a Spouse (5:16 min)
  8. Industry Leading Customer Support (2:48 min)
  9. Annual Reviews (3:12 min) (on YouTube only)
  10. The Corporate Module (7:31 min)
  11. Additional Features and Advanced Settings (7:33 min)
  12. Using the Automated Recommendations Feature (7:00 min)
  13. Stress Testing Your Projections (4:59 min)

Access via YouTube (no CE credit): 

Access via Learnedly.com (earn 1 CE Credit):  

  • Learnedly is a digital training platform designed for Canadian financial services professionals. 
  • Learnedly offers this individual course for the price of $25 and you'll receive 1 CE credit upon completion. 
  • Click here to access the course and select Get this course.

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