(VIDEO TUTORIAL) Getting Started with Snap Projections

Are you just getting started with Snap Projections?  This one-hour tutorial is geared toward helping you get up to speed quickly.  

You have 2 options to view the videos.  

  1. YouTube: Visit our tutorial playlist.
  2. Learnedly.com (earn 1 CE Credit):  Learnedly is a digital training platform designed for Canadian financial services professionals. We are pleased to provide you with free access to this course on Learnedly, through December 31, 2022. The instructions to access the course for free via the Snap Projections community are as follows: 
    1. Access Learnedly via this link to ensure your course discount (free!) is applied.
    2. Select “Get this course”.
    3. Sign-up for a free Learnedly account.
    4. Check your inbox and confirm your account.
    5. Once logged in, select “Get your first course”.
    6. Search for Financial Planning with Snap Projections and start learning!

Here is an outline of the tutorial.

  1. Introducing the Top 6 Retirement Income Planning Questions (1:57 min)
  2. Entering Initial Data (6:50 min)
  3. The Planning Page (3:57 min)
  4. Cash Flow Management (6:51 min)
  5. Comparing Multiple Scenarios (6:09 min)
  6. Interactive Presentations and Beautiful Reports (5:05 min)
  7. Projections with a Spouse (5:16 min)
  8. Industry Leading Customer Support (2:48 min)
  9. Annual Reviews (3:12 min) (on YouTube only)
  10. The Corporate Module (7:31 min)
  11. Additional Features and Advanced Settings (7:33 min)
  12. Using the Automated Recommendations Feature (7:00 min)
  13. Stress Testing Your Projections (4:59 min)

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