(VIDEO TUTORIAL) Getting Started with Snap Projections (short videos)

This one-hour tutorial is broken up into 10 short videos to walk you through creating projections for a sample client. It reviews all of Snap's features in an easy-to-follow manner and you can watch the videos sequentially or jump to a particular topic of interest.

Access via YouTube: 

1 Hour Tutorial outline:

  1. Introducing the Top 6 Retirement Income Planning Questions (2 min)
  2. Scenario Setup - Entering Initial Data (9 min)
  3. The Planning Page (4 min)
  4. Cash Flow Management (7 min)
  5. Comparing Scenarios (6 min)
  6. Using the Automated Recommendations Feature (7 min)
  7. Beautiful Charts and Reports with Interactive Presentations (8 min)
  8. Projections with a Spouse (7 min)
  9. Industry Leading Customer Support (2 min)
  10. The Corporate Module (9 min)

Bonus Videos

  1. Additional Features (9 min)
  2. Stress Testing Your Projections (Randomized and Historical Scenarios) (6 min)
  3. Annual Reviews - How to Rebase the Projections to the current year (2 min)

Create Your Own Projections with a Sample Client

After watching this Tutorial, you might like to practice with a sample client. We've got you covered. Please review this Practice Case Study.

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