(WEBINAR) 馃搫 Creating a one-page report SnapShot for a client case study (May 29, 2024)

In the webinar, we created several projections to demonstrate:

  • Use of a corporation within a client's accumulation and decumulation strategy.
  • How to illustrate and compare drawdown strategies to best achieve the client's goals.
  • Modelling the impacts of potential changes to the capital gains inclusion rate.
  • New client report customization capabilities to select and reorder pages.
  • Creating a one-page report SnapShot to help with client understanding and action.

While this session demonstrated the use of a corporation, there is value for those who don't currently work with clients with corporations. We discussed personal input and optimization considerations and reviewed the report generation process in detail.

The following topics are covered: 

Section 1: Intro and Setup [2:14]

路       Agenda introduction

路       How to access our help section

Section 2: Getting started with Data Entry [3:15]

路       Entering data for the Scenario Setup including Expenses,Income, Assets

路       Adding a Corporation in the client's plan

路       Entering the TFSA and RRSP Contributions

路       Adding dividends under the Corporation Planning Pages

Section 3: Creating What-if plans for the client [18:17]

路      How to Copy/Rename a Scenario

路      Creating a Retirement drawdown optimized plan

路      Changing dividend withdrawal strategy based on the tax rates

路       Reviewing Estate Summary Comparison

路       Applying the proposed Capital Gains inclusion rates settings in the plan

路       Adding a Corporate-Owned Life Insurance

Section 4: Client Report and Snapshots Introduction [28:44]

路       Viewing Sample Snapshots and Detailed Client Reports

路       Why Snapshots are useful for client presentation

路       Creating Snapshots within minutes using the Report Builder

路       Customizing Snapshots

路       Including Snapshots in a Detailed Client Report

路       Creating templates in client reports

Section 5: Q/A Session and Quick Tips [48:24]

路       Adding Custom Pages to a Client Report

路       Changing the Sequence of Pages or Cards

路       Changing Printer Settings

路       Using the default settings in Client Reports

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Please note that CE credits were only available to people who attended the webinar live.

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