(WEBINAR) πŸŽ“ Creating a scenario using the RESP functionality (June 1, 2022)

Let's dive into a sample projection where we are creating a plan for our clients. Their plan is to fund their kid's education and also achieve their retirement goals. 

Please click this link to view the recording.  Simply enter your name and email address and the recording will be made available to you immediately. 

Click the following link to view their client questionnaire if you would like to practice creating their plan on your own. Jackson-and-Samantha-Peters-Questionnaire.pdf

Please note that the UI design of Snap Projections was updated after this video was recorded. The main functionality remains unchanged, but the navigation to various settings pages has been changed. Instead of using the Settings -> Registered Assets button to update the contribution room, you'll now do this under Scenario Setup ->Assets -> Capital Assets

Also, Sustainable Scenario is now located under the New Recommendations Feature. The recommendations feature also helps you answer your client's retirement questions quickly. It can provide options to adjust your client's savings, spending, retirement age, and more.

This session’s training topics include:

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