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New to Snap Projections? Longer-term user but need a refresher?

Join us for Live Product Walkthroughs including the opportunity to ask your own questions.  Get an overview of creating a projection, a review of new features, and have your questions answered by one of our resident Customer Success Specialists. These sessions are more informal than our regular CS Webinars, with less prepared content and more time for questions. This is a new format that we’re trying where you can register for a session and join at any time to ask questions or listen to answers addressing other users’ questions.

These sessions will highlight the basics of the software and provide training on the fundamentals. They will likely go over topics that advanced Snap Projections users are already familiar with.  

In this article:

  1. Upcoming Sessions - Registration
  2. Selected Recorded Sessions


 Upcoming Sessions - Registration

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022, at 1 pm ET 

Create a plan and discuss some of the most useful functions in Snap

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We'll review a basic plan in Snap, and discuss the following:

  • Entering initial client data, a review of the Scenario Setup pages.
  • The Planning page, cash flow, and the CFM Start Age.
  • The Recommendations Feature: Sustainable Spending, Additional Savings, and changing the Retirement Age.
  • Creating a report.


 Selected Recorded Sessions

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Common problems when creating a plan and their solutions 

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded November 2, 2022

A few things that we reviewed are: 

  • Why is the After-Tax Spending $0 for your plan? 
  • Why do you see Automatic Contributions or Withdrawals in the Capital Asset? 
  • Why do you see balances in the Net Cash Flow and Cash Balance Column? 
  • Why do you have pink highlights on the planning page? What does it mean? 


A Client Case Study: Using the Recommendations feature

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded on October 19, 2022

This session’s case study focus is 50-year-old Elizabeth Warren.  A recent divorcee and IT Specialist, Elizabeth needs to restart and re-establish a financial and retirement plan for herself. Her main goal? Ensuring she can still retire at age 65. 

During our case study, we’re going to show you how simple and quick it is to set up a new client or prospect file in Snap Projections, and then we will be able to easily address Elizabeth’s questions. Like most Canadians, Elizabeth needs a financial plan, she just doesn’t know it yet. What she does know, is that she has goals and expectations for her retirement. Her financial questions today are:

  • How much more do I need to save today in order to meet my retirement goals?
  • If I don't start saving more, at what age can I afford to retire?
  • How much would I need to reduce my annual spending by when I retire if I don't want to save more or work longer?
  • How much would I need to save from the sale of my home to ensure my retirement goals are fully funded?

 We’re going to be addressing these key questions for Elizabeth and show you how to easily and quickly provide transparent recommendations.

If you would like to create the projections on your own for practice, here is the information: Elizabeth Warren Client Questionnaire


The top questions about Creating Projections, Part 1

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded on August 24, 2022

What are the most common questions that we receive from our users?

In this session, you can learn from our answers to these questions. These include:

  • How does the Cash Flow work in Snap?
  • What are Contribution/Withdrawal overrides and when should I use them?
  • If my clients run into a shortfall, how much do they need to save to meet their retirement spending goals?


The top questions about Creating Projections, Part 2

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded on October 5, 2022

What are the most common questions that we receive from our users? In this second session dedicated to FAQs, we'll walk through the answers to these top questions. Attending the first session is not a requirement for this one.    In this webinar, we will cover answers to:

  • How can I determine the maximum level of spending for my clients?
  • Why might there be shortfalls displayed in a Sustainable Scenario?
  • How can I customize my reports?
  • How can I enter a joint insurance policy and specify beneficiaries?


Overview of all the features in Snap Projections

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded on July 13, 2022

  • With all the recent development changes, you may not be aware of the options available to you to build and optimize your plans. 
  • In this session, we provided an overview of the various features within Snap Projections.


Basic projections for a couple nearing retirement

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded on June 29, 2022

  • In this session, we reviewed a financial plan for a couple.
  • We discussed the basics of the projection including cash flow management and after-tax spending. 
  • We ran a Sustainable Scenario, sold a home and purchased a new one, and reviewed the charts and reports.


Commuting a pension

Click Here to view the recorded session, recorded on June 15, 2022

  • In this session, we reviewed a financial plan for an individual who is nearing retirement. 
  • We discussed how to use Snap to model commuting a pension.
  • We also reviewed the new Stress Testing features available in Snap including an improved version of Historical Scenarios and the all-new Randomized Scenarios. 


Using the Education module in Snap (RESPs)

Click Here to view the recorded session, recorded on June 1, 2022

  • In this session, we reviewed a financial plan for a couple in their fifties with children.  
  • Click the following link to view their client questionnaire if you would like to practice creating their plan on your own. Jackson-and-Samantha-Peters-Questionnaire.pdf
  • They are saving for retirement and also for their children's education. 
  • We provided a few alternate scenarios and then reviewed the charts and the report.


Using the Corporate Module in Snap 

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded on May 18, 2022

  • In this session, we reviewed a financial plan for a couple with a corporation. Sam and Sherri are 40 years old and plan to retire at age 65. 
  • We looked at their projections first without using the corporate module. 
  • We added the corporate details under Scenario Setup and discussed the various fields and default settings. 
  • On the Corporate Planning page, we entered Active Business Income, Salaries, Non-Eligible, Eligible, and Capital Dividends. 
  • We discussed Corporate Insurance, Real Assets, and showed how the corporate money flowed into the personal projections. 


Sample Projections for a retired couple in their seventies

Click here to view the recorded session, recorded on May 4, 2022

  • In this session, we reviewed a financial plan for a retired couple, Brian and Gail, aged 70 and 72. 
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans (DBPPs) and survivor benefits for pensions and government benefits. 
  • How to change the withdrawal logic to empty the registered accounts first?
  • What about Spousal RRSPs in Snap?
  • How are Gail's projections impacted if Brian passes away 15 years before she does? We looked at the charts as well.
  • We answered a few questions related to insurance joint policies.

Sample Projections for a single client, age 50

Watch the Live Product Walkthrough and Q & A session, recorded on April 20, 2022

  • In this session, we created a new financial plan for Jackson Peters, age 50, who was wondering if he was saving enough for retirement. Would he be able to spend the same amount in retirement as he is spending now on his lifestyle? 
    • We created a few alternate scenarios as well, including saving more to the RRSP once his mortgage was paid off, retiring a few years later, and starting his Government Benefits at a later age. 
    • We discussed the order of automatic contributions and withdrawals and cash flow management in general. 
    • We added a spouse to the projections and discussed a spousal survival scenario.
    • Here is the client questionnaire for Jackson which we used to create the base plan. Case Study - Jackson Peters, age 50

UI Design Change Sessions

During the week of April 4, 2022, we held Q&A sessions to support you through the changes to the UI design of Snap Projections. We presented a quick overview of the top questions and answers related to the changes and then created a few sample plans to review basic functionality in Snap. 

Watch Session #1: Recorded on Tuesday, April 5, 1 pm ET

Watch Session #2: Recorded Thursday, April 7, 1 pm ET

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